Bangor Green Living Guide:
ways to live a better world

Sustainability focuses on solutions. Sustainability is about society and survival, it is a paradigm shift. If environmentalism is a belief that the truth is out there; then sustainability is a belief that the answer is out there, and it's right here. We are the answer, the Earth needs you.

Here are ten ways that you can live greener right here in the Bangor, Maine region.

  1. Get educated: Learning about environmental threats and the solutions already out there.
  2. Shop wisely: Let's face it we live in a corporate capitalist country. The goal of the corporations in not the make the world better, it's to make money. So, everytime you buy something you cast a vote with your dollars.
  3. Eat better: Everyone eats, but not all food is created equally. Eating locally, organically, humanely, and consiously is vital. Don't fall for the hype, maybe should be this cheap, convinient, and unhealthy. Let's not eat ourselves and the Earth to death.
  4. Vote: Either vote, or shut up. Our political system is certainly tainted, but it will take us to fix it.
  5. Conserve energy: Turn it off, turn it down, unplug it, buy efficiency, insulate.
  6. Take care of your waste: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and... fix it, dispose of it properly, and compost.
  7. Travel smart: We all have to get around, but personal cars are hell on the Earth. Try to walk, bike, use public transport, or carpool. But let's face it, a lot of us need to use a personal car, make it a good one.
  8. Donate: We can't do it all ourselves. Give some of your money to those great groups making a difference in the world. We can probably spare a lot more than we think.
  9. Invest: If you invest, and you should, invest in companies and funds that support what you believe in.
  10. Educate others: You don't have to become a teacher, or an eco-crusader, just talk about what you know and do with the people in your life. Or do more if you can.